Is free visa gift card for real?

Is free visa gift card for real?
Okay so this online offers says I can get a free visa gift card if I like complete a few of their offers.
Is this true?
Does anyone have personal experience with offers like these?
I don’t want to complete the offers and it be a scam.
I’ve read through the terms and and agreements and it looks alright, but I’m not sure.
What do you think?

Suggestion by akala123
lol of course not…tried it haha

Suggestion by dsmgrl94
Alot of those aren’t even worth the trouble and money. Most of those that require completing their sponser offers cost you money, so the so called visa gift card you get isnt free money, cause you are paying for the offers. So I say steer clear of things like these. Hope this helps.

Suggestion by The Phlebob
“Complete a few of their offers”? Like, buy something from them? Maybe with your valid Visa card and PIN?

First, if you have to buy A to get B, B isn’t free.

Second, this sounds too much like a phishing scam to me.

I’d avoid it.

Where can I go online to have my fortune read for free with tarot cards?
An accurate place would be nice.
A place that i don’t have to pay for. And nothing that goes to your cell phone.
I’m kinda looking for a place that can read my future for more then just today. But like any day. Even a day 5 years from now or something.
But if you don’t know of a place quite like that, then that’s okay.
And who is this person I should go to? I do tarot reading myself, but seeming as how someone has stolen 2 of my cards I can’t do it myself. There is no one who does tarot reading here. i’m 15, I have NO MONEY.

Suggestion by punklovr182
It’s no fun to get your tarot read like that. I suggest you get your tarot read in person, it only costs $ 5-10. It’s totally worth it. I’m a tarot reader myself and i love how people come to me and tell me that everything came true, go ahead try it in person.

Free online mind reader? Email or Anything? ?
I’ve really been wanting to talk to someone who can read cards and tell you a little bit about your future, I’ve just been really busy and it’s hard to go to a place where they do that, I understand it’s hard to get a connection through the computer but if it is possible & anyone knows someone please help!! thank you(:

Suggestion by pasta
Welcome…to Yahoo Answers…where everyone can read your mind…I can sense that you are thinking…

what the heck

Correct, was not I?

Suggestion by Nazar P
or facebook status reader

Suggestion by Emily
These online mind readers are total bulls*it!. Your better off buying a pack of tarot cards and learning about it yourself.

Where can I get the book Lovely Bones online for free no download and no surveys?
I went to the library most don’t have it and I owe money on my library card and I don’t want to buy it because certain books like this one I would probably read it 1,2,3 times
so there is no sense in buying it

Suggestion by Molly T
It shouldn’t be available the way you’re asking about because of copyright laws. No offence, but I recommend paying your library fines, and if they don’t have a copy ask them about getting it on interlibrary loan.

Suggestion by artguru
If you plan on reading it several times then why don’t you just buy it? I own it and love it, its a great book to add to a book collection. Here, its available from a ton of people on amazon and they have it listed pretty cheap…you can probably snag it for just a few bucks (c’mon, thats a good deal). Or…if you don’t want to pay library fines, have a friend check it out for you with their library card.

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  1. Wise0ldMan says

    Hi there

    Many people are interested in the future.
    Especially on topics such as health , security , happiness and long life ,,,,and so on.
    So it is very normal to ponder and indeed wish for some — insight on what will happen.

    But there is a very serious warning to be heeded about those people that claim the ability to foretell the future through the art of magic.

    Deuteronomy 18:10-12 .”There should not be found in you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, anyone who employs divination, a practicer of magic or anyone who looks for omens or a sorcerer,  or one who binds others with a spell or anyone who consults a spirit medium or a professional foreteller of events or anyone who inquires of the dead.  For everybody doing these things is something detestable to Jehovah, . . .”

    The Bible tells us that the power behind such ‘foretelling’ is Gods opposer , Satan and his demon followers.
    It was Satan that caused mankind to fall from perfection and in turn giving ALL of us a death sentence.

    Now ask yourself this question , If a Psychopath killed all of your family , would you go to him and enquire about your future ??

    Of course not , you would not listen to a word that he said !.
    Yet , that is EXACTLY what people do when they visit fortune tellers , whether they use crystal balls , tarot cards , tea leaf interpretation — whatever ,, the list goes on.

    We CANNOT expect reliable information from the source that has killed millions of people worldwide through history., and been the primary cause of mankind’s problems.

    However …. we can trust one source of information.
    That is Gods word as found in the Bible.

    From what we can read from the Bible we are left in no doubt as to why the Earth is in the sorry state it is and why mankind acts the way that he does.
    It also tells us the way that the true God — Jehovah , will sort out ALL of man’s problems , including how he will even end death !
    Yes , the Bible tell us that in the future mankind will no longer get sick ., grow old and die.

    The Earth will enjoy perfect peace and all people will have fulfilling and happy lives.

    Now that is a future that I am sure you would be interested in ,, and I assure you , it is no guess.
    It is real and it will happen., for Jehovah God has promised it.

    Isaiah 55:11 .”–my word that goes forth from my mouth will prove to be. It will not return to me without results, but it will certainly do that in which I have delighted, and it will have certain success in that for which I have sent it.”

    For more Bible based information please feel free to email me.

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  2. brodymccain says

    There are 3 types of free visa cards.
    1.The true Visa by qualifying for one or from your bank.
    2.The prepaid Visa to load with any amount you like to use.
    3.The Visa gift Account Visa-No physical card-just the number to use online.
    4.The scam visa card offer.

    Number 1 & 2 are pretty much self explainatory and have become or becoming the norm. You qualify for one due to great credit.

    2. The PrePaid Visa much like the prepaid phone card such as those found at the mall like Simon gift card. You simply pay a small 2 dollar fee tell the clerk how much you would like on the card, hand her that amount. You instantly have a Visa with that amount to use, anywhere Visa is accepted.

    3. The Visa gift ACCOUNT is merley a Visa online, you do not posses a physical card and I recieved mine in an email sent to me from my internet provider. I got it As part of the deal of signing up with them for my internet service. I got a $ 75 Visa or rather a Visa gift Account. In otherwords its an online only account and can be used online by giving the online merchant the Visa number over the internet. Incendently you can also use it over the phone, like I did when I ordered a large Pizza the other night over the phone. You never have to show a physical card, but you do posses the actual real authorized Visa # , expiration date and 3 pin security # found on all Visa plastic cards sent to you in the email from you internet servise provider.
    You simply do not posses the physical plastic but only info you need to use it as i recieved from my ISP.

    4. From my years online I have never recieved any other visa. Shady merchants online offer a visa as a tool of advertising and marketing to suck you into purchasing a product.
    You go through the steps of qualifying typically by signing up for several offers that seem to never end, there’s always one more offer before you get the card. Even if you do finish and
    qualify, the card never comes and when you question the merchant about it you are told that “You unfortunately filled out an old offer online, sorry!” they say “We can not catch every thing on the internet unfortunately some mirror company must be running an expired offer on their website.”
    They say “We no longer offer that Visa.”
    In otherwords you have signed up for 18 offers to get nothing! Beware its the oldest trick in the book! Shady merchants are notorious for offering it! You could probably beat it if you took them to court and they know this but they will deal with that at the time, for them for the moment to get you to buy products, Its all about marketing! If it sounds to good to be true it usually is!
    Thers also the bank check card Visa, a debit card actually. Its simply a plastic visa card whereby each time you use it the money is instantly debited from your bank account. The bank might give you $ 100-$ 500 over draft protection. The card is what everyone gets when they open a bank account. Its not a Visa per-say with credit but Visa logo is on the card and it does allow you to use it as debit at most places.

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  3. angelpals123 says

    no it isnt real none of those ads for free stuff are cause nothing in this life is free

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