Q&A: Do You Know Any Free Psychic Reading Websites?

Do You Know Any Free Psychic Reading Websites?
I am looking for good websites that give free psychic readings and cost nothing what so ever.

Suggestion by geessewereabove
Any there are, are of the devil.

Suggestion by Hannah
Ask the magic 8 ball


Can someone please give me a free psychic reading?
I want to know if me and my husband is going to finally get pregnant? He had a vasectomy 9 years ago and we are trying to get the money for a reversal. Will we ever have a baby?

Suggestion by sherin
my darling go to your Gp, or ray to god for a nice,healthy baby.
thank you

Suggestion by Jessica J
im alil skeptic about the sitution its a 50/50 chance yu will b blessed with a child then the other possibilty that yu wont but
I HOPE YU DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suggestion by itgirlincognito
Yes, you will have a baby.

In this relationship, things always seem to turn out well don’t they?
Why would this time be any different?


Can someone give me a free psychic reading?
I was born on the 27th of December, 1993. I want to find out where I will end up and just my life and love story. I also want to know what my career will be? Thanks.

Suggestion by Strabucks
You are restless by nature and love foreign travel. You will take any risk to attain your objectives. You are good in research. You are endowed with considerable mechanical ability about machines. You are fearless, ambitious and of a dictatorial nature. You have very forceful thoughts. You would be successful especially in emergency. You have physical and moral strength. You like a strenuous life. You are lucky in marriage. You will extend economic help to those who are in trouble and danger. You will get more success in mental work. You will be successful in businesses giving quick returns. You will donate to charitable institutions. You will gain unexpected money by legacies or speculation.

Suggestion by Ellen L
u have to find out what time u were born and what city.

Can Anyone Do A Free Psychic Reading For Me?
My Name is Hanna
I want to know anything that is going to happen to me in life.

Suggestion by Misscpb

Yes, there is a lovely lady who does free readings online and her name is Merrlina. Have a look at her site below Hanna.


Lots of Love
Misscpb xxx

Suggestion by Matthew
try simply psychic i know they do it for cheap idk if they offer free though

Suggestion by aura_sky
ok here it goes: I see a blonde haired pudgy girl (you?)
your parents will get divorced around the age of 16.
after that, i draw blanks.

Now FYI-my readings may not be 100% accurate. Sometimes its hard to tell between your own imagination, and your third eye.
When i say im drawing blanks, that means im not receiving anymore messages. which means either im not meant to know, or your not meant to know the future. We only see things we are allowed to see.

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  1. Joe says

    Try this link. It’s free and by email, so no one can ever charge you for it. Plus I tried them and they’re good.


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  2. Girliator 5000 says

    I see, a brunet haired girl, and i see the husband has light brown hair.

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  3. the voices in your head, says

    try reading your own cards.

    Cooperation): “Gods are visions of the eternal attributes, or divine names: They ought to be the servants, and not the masters of man… Cooperating in the bliss of Man obeying his Will Servants to the infinite & Eternal of the Human Form”. Ability to evoke what you need by using personifying and mythologizing as creative tools. Special help is on the way. Accessing your own unconscious powers. Creative traveling. Soaring to success through teamwork. Dealing with those in high places. Acting as the courier of important information. In the creative process: This is a time to rely on your intuition to invoke the “eternal attributes” you need to get the job done; cooperate with your visions.

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  4. missemotion75 says

    the best thing is to adopt,and i see that you will in three years.One male baby boy,and one female the year after the first.That will be a good life lesson for you so don’t feel bad.I would like to adopt one day soon myself.I think it is a beautiful gesture,God Bless

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